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AGMARK, under the Agricultural Produce (Grading & Marking) Act, 1937 and a 1987 Amendment, is a mark certified by the government of India for all agricultural products ensuring their good quality as well as standard. It is a combination of two words which are AG and MARK. AG means agriculture and MARK which means certification. It’s standard covers agricultural produce which has been defined as to include all products of agriculture or horticulture and all articles of food or drink wholly or partly manufactured from any such produce, and fleeces and the skins of animals.

The group wise breakup of commodities is represented in the following table:

S.No. Name of the Group No. of Commodities Notified
1. Food grain and allied products 30
2. Fruits and Vegetables 51
3. Spices and condiments 27
4. Edible Nuts 8
5. Oil Seeds 17
6. Vegetable Oils and Fats 19
7. Oil cakes 8
8. Essential oils 8
9. Fibre crops 5
10. Livestock, Dairy and poultry products 10
11. Other products 30

In total it includes about 213 commodities including cereals, pulses, vegetable oil and other semi-processed goods.

This mark assures that all the agricultural goods meet the standard assured by the government. Agmark is a government of India’s quality certification mark. It is not compulsory for all the producers to use this mark on their products. It is used only on those products which affect the health and safety of the consumers.

Requirement of Application Proceedings of Agmark

  1. A copy of test report which is duly authenticated, from independent Agmark recognized laboratory.
  2. There should be Document which is authenticating the establishment of the firm, such as Registration by Company Registrar
  3. If the applicant is a company, then the memorandum of association.
  4. If the applicant is a partnership firm, then they have to submit their partnership deed which is a written document containing ruled and regulations of the partnership.
  5. Name of the products for which the company wants Agmark standardization.
  6. Name of the applicant should also be mentioned
  7. Name of the Firm or the Company
  8. Address of the Firm or the Company
  9. Product sample should also be submitted in small sachets.
  10. Total gross product in K.g. for last year should also be mentioned
  11. Turnover of last year of the company


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Documents are required for Agmark Registration

Application form

  •  Demand draft of Rs.1000
  •  Map of the factory or the office
  •  Memorandum of the company which represents its objective and the powers
  •  Company registration certificate
  •  List of machinery
  •  Trademark registration certificate